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Exam Security & Fraud Detection

Cornerstone associates have decades of experience in fraud detection, testing, and intellectual property protection. With advanced backgrounds in law, statistics, and testing, we have the expertise to assist you in building and maintaining an exam security framework that is right for your assessment program.

Cornerstone Program Review

During this in-depth review, we work collaboratively with you to conduct a holistic, methodical analysis of the testing lifecycle for your testing program and identify practical, powerful changes to protect your content, score validity, and brand.  Together, we will identify enhancements that better position your program to deter, detect, and decide how to handle exam security concerns.

Data Analytics

We work with your team to design data analytics that are tailored to your program to help identify potential exam fraud and score validity concerns.  But we don’t stop there.  As experts who have been in-house and understand the need to thoughtfully respond to data findings, we work with you on developing a fair process for investigating concerns and taking appropriate action.

Incident Response Services

When incidents arise, we are here to help you respond, investigate, and make decisions that are fair and enable you to stand behind your scores.

Crisis Communication Services

How you respond to reports of concerns, governmental regulators, and the media is a critical part of building trust.  We have the experience to help you craft authentic and meaningful communications when they matter most.

Internet Search and Reconnaissance Services

We provide white-glove services for multi-lingual searching, analyzing and reporting on concerning content and other misconduct occurring online.

Test Security Plans, Policies, and Procedures

From your agreement with candidates to your policies and procedures for score reviews and cancellations, we help you document your program so you can clearly communicate across your testing ecosystem.

Test Security Training and TableTop Exercises

We provide customized training and table top exercises to prepare your team for effectively handling incidents.

Cultivate trust in your brand and protect your reputation with Cornerstone Strategies.