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Cornerstone Strategies

Ensuring a Foundation of Trust

Exam Security
& Fraud Detection

Our in-depth review that identifies risks and practical, effective mitigation strategies designed to meet your unique program needs. Data forensics, incident response, internet search and reconnaissance, and investigation services are also available.

Privacy Analysis
& Advising

Our Privacy Analysis service reviews your personal data collection and flow to identify compliance gaps. We provide policy updates, compliance solutions, and tabletop exercises to align with domestic and global privacy requirements.

Strategic Planning
& Growth

Plan for the future with innovative solutions for your program. Together, we’ll identify opportunities to grow your business, select strategic vendor partners, and implement best practices aligned with accreditation standards.

Executive Services
& Coaching

Invest in your team with our coaching and training services. We also offer in-sourcing services to fill niche skill gaps in information security, exam security, privacy, and accessibility.

Who We Are

We provide white-glove services to our clients across a wide range of medium to high-stakes testing programs around the globe. From K-12 testing to high-stakes admissions, certification, licensure, and workforce skills exams, our team members have the experience to meet your needs.

About Us

Building a Foundation of Trust

The public needs to trust that your assessment results are accurate and reliable. Your test takers and credential earners need to trust that you will protect their personal information and the value of their credentials. Your team needs to trust that your vendors will deliver with excellence.

Cornerstone has the competence, commitment, and experience to build services and relationships your team, your stakeholders, and your market can trust.

How We Can Help

Empower your team with with customized workshops and training opportunities.